Myzone MZ-Switch Review

We take a look at Myzone's MZ-Switch to see how this wearable can help you achieve your fitness and workout goals

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Myzone MZ-Switch Review
The Myzone MZ-Switch with its box (Photo: The Sport Review)

Are you interested in investing in a Myzone but you’re unsure which wearable best fits your needs?

Myzone offer a range of fitness trackers that can help to elevate your workout to the next level.

By using Myzone, you can track a range of metrics throughout your workout at your local gym or home gym.

Alternatively, you can utilise your Myzone whether you’re going for a hike or a run, hitting the road on the bike or rowing on the water.

I first used the Myzone MZ-3 at a popular London gym five years ago but the fitness brand have expanded their wearable range to offer more options.

In this article, I’m going to take a look at the Myzone MZ-Switch, discuss how it works and highlight some of pros and cons of this wearable for fitness enthusiasts like me.

What Is Myzone?


The Myzone MZ-Switch (Photo: The Sport Review)

Myzone is a fitness tracker and online social platform that rewards effort for all physical activity, helping more people around the world to feel good about exercise.

When I first encountered Myzone, it was at Third Space in London where the fitness club offered members the chance to use a Myzone to track our workouts.

This was an especially intriguing feature during group classes if you’ve got a competitive edge like me, allowing you to see how your metrics compared to other members in the class.

I was using the hugely popular MZ-3 which is a chest strap that allows users to track their heart rate and effort anywhere, collect MEPs and plug into a community that works hard to feel good.

MEPs are Myzone Effort Points. There are five zones which represent a percentage of your heart rate, which Myzone starts to track from your first workout. If your MHR changes over time, Myzone will adjust automatically.

When it comes to MEPs, Myzone uses this system to track your effort as opposed to your fitness levels. MEPs provide the challenge and competition element to the Myzone community.

Myzone released the MZ-Switch to offer more flexibility whether you want to wear your Myzone on your chest, arm or wrist.

How Does The MZ-Switch Work?

The Myzone MZ-Switch (Photo: The Sport Review)

The MZ-Switch allows Myzone users to wear their tracking device in a variety of different ways to cater to your personal preference.

It’s wearable three ways, allowing fitness enthusiasts to switch between the chest, wrist and arm, depending on your choice of physical activity.

You can track your heart rate whether you’re running, lifting weights in the gym, swimming in the pool or rowing on the ergometer or on the water.

Myzone explain on their website that you can monitor and earn MEPs for every single type of physical activity thanks to the integration of both ECG and PPG sensors.

You can track your zone without having to log into the app or be in the gym with a workout screen because MZ-Switch uses a new light indicator to see your zone.

Once you’ve unboxed and full charged your MZ-Switch, it’ll monitor any physical activity for an impressive three to six months of battery life.

The MZ-Switch can be used with fitness equipment brands such as Peloton and Polar – and it can be fully integrated with devices such as the Apple Watch, Garmin and Samsung watches.

Our Verdict

The Myzone MZ-Switch (Photo: The Sport Review)

As I mentioned earlier in this article, I used the MZ-3 a lot in the Third Space gym to compete with other members and track my workouts.

However, I had become accustomed to using the Apple Watch alongside my Peloton workouts over the past few years. So I was intrigued to see how the MZ-Switch would work.

It’s clear the MZ-Switch is a versatile fitness tracker.

I could use the chest strap for a weights workout, the bicep strap for the rower and the wristband for the bike or treadmill.

When I used the MZ-3 chest strap at Third Space, it was sometimes uncomfortable having it on my chest especially if I was on the rower.

When it came to finishing the rowing stroke into the chest, I’d often hit my MZ-3. I didn’t have this problem using the MZ-Switch on my arm rather than my chest.

I also liked that the MZ-Switch has the new light indicator so I can see my zone without having to check my phone.

I didn’t have this problem when I used to wear my Myzone at the gym – but working out from home without a giant screen displaying your metrics, it was a hassle having to grab my phone, open the app just to check my zone – so this was a thoughtful update.

Where To Buy

The Myzone MZ-Switch (Photo: The Sport Review)

You can buy the MZ-Switch on Myzone’s official website. It’s currently priced at $159.99 (USA) or £139.99 (UK).

Wrapping Up – Review Summary

The Myzone MZ-Switch (Photo: The Sport Review)

We’ve reached the end of our Myzone MZ-Switch review.

I really liked the versatility of this Myzone fitness tracking device.

If you’re looking for a heart rate monitor that can track your metrics across a variety of workouts, Myzone will give you ample versatility.

And some of the new features elevate the MZ-Switch to the next level when compared to other devices.

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