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In this review, we take a close look at Nourished and their personalised vitamin supplement stacks

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Nourished (Photo: The Sport Review)
Nourished (Photo: The Sport Review)

Are you looking for a daily vitamin and herbal extract supplement personalised to you and your needs?

It can be hassle having to get numerous vitamin tubs out of the cupboard and double checking you haven’t forgotten one of the capsules.

You’ve got to pour a glass of water and then swallowing lots of capsules isn’t the most pleasant experience first thing in the morning or after an exhaustive workout.

And if you’re someone who travels a lot, it can be time-consuming to have to prepare all of your vitamins in a tray. Most people probably won’t bother with the hassle of packing their vitamins seeing as it’s an inconvenience.

And if you’ve got children, it can be extremely difficult trying to convince them to take their vitamins.

Nourished’s premium, personalised supplements can solve some, if not all, of these problems.


Packed with seven ‘nourishments’, they use 3D printing technology to create a stack and can provide you with a subscription to make life easy.

In this article, we’re going to take a close look at Nourished Vitamins, how you can sign up, how it works, what customers are saying as well as giving our verdict.

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Nourished Vitamins – The Basics


Nourished (Photo: The Sport Review)

Nourished (Photo: The Sport Review)

Nourished was created by Melissa Snover, who is an entrepreneur, registered nutritionist, and self-confessed health fanatic.

She came up with the idea for Nourished in 2018 as she sought to find a more convenient way to take daily vitamins rather than lots of pills.

Nourished make what their website describes as truly tailor-made nutrition which is 100 per cent vegan, eco-friendly and delicious.

They only use ingredients that are sourced from high-grade vegan whole-food sources and they carry out lab tests to maintain high standards.

Nourished say they’ve spent over 100,000 lab hours and worked with industry experts and nutritionists to ensure their custom stacks are raising the bar.

Their website proudly claims that they’re the UK’s highest-rated vitamin product, with over 50,000 customers who have opted to personalise their daily vitamins thanks to Nourished’s innovative technology.

Getting Started

Nourished (Photo: The Sport Review)

Nourished (Photo: The Sport Review)

Nourished create personalized nutrition stacks that are customized and tailored to your specific needs and preferences. You start your journey with Nourished by completing their online quiz, entering your name, age and ethnicity.

Nourished offer supplement stacks for adults and children. So if you’re a family, you can sort out a vitamin stack for you and for your kids, meaning you’re all covered!

Next, they’ll look to understand a little more about how you’ve been feeling lately, asking about your recent energy levels, whether you’ve been active, using your phone a lot and sleeping well. They’ll ask about your usual method of exercise and how often you travel, whether for a holiday or for work.

If you follow a vegan, vegetarian or other specific diet, Nourished give you the opportunity to share your dietary requirements. Remember – all of their vitamins are vegan friendly. Sticking with diet, Nourished then look to learn about your eating habits and components of your diet, such as how often you consume fruit, vegetables, processed food and alcohol.

Continuing with the sign-up process, they ask whether you wear contact lenses before enquiring about any potential health conditions or considerations.

The final stage of the sign-up quiz involves setting your goals to help find out what you want to achieve from signing up to Nourished, whether it’s weight management, an immunity boost, better energy levels or improved sleep quality.

Your Nourished Stack

Nourished (Photo: The Sport Review)

Nourished (Photo: The Sport Review)

Once you’re near the end of your Nourished sign-up quiz, you’ll be asked to select your stack’s coating. You can choose between blackcurrant, orange, strawberry, pineapple, coca cola or original. Once you’ve selected the flavour, you can opt for sweet or sour.

You are able to choose to any specific ‘nourishments’ that you want to include in your stack irrespective of Nourished’s recommendations before you find out the results of your quiz.

When I completed their quiz and received my results, Nourished recommended seven nourishments to help optimise my lifestyle diet and priorities. These included ‘nourishments’ to improve performance, endurance and recovery, as well as better stress management and mental wellbeing.

In my stack was Tart Cherry, Vitamin B12, Ginger Extract, Beetroot, Lutemax 2020, Maca Powder and Ashwagandha Extract.

Nourished go through each of your seven Nourishments to explain their potential benefits. So you can get a clear understanding of what you’re consuming and why.

How Nourished Works

Nourished (Photo: The Sport Review)

Nourished (Photo: The Sport Review)

Now that Nourished have an insight into you and your daily habits, and they’ve provided the results of your quiz and suggested a seven-Nourishment stack for you, it’s time to make your stack come to life.

Each of your seven inclusions will be 3D printed on demand in a daily, gummy stack. In each box, there will be 28 daily stacks to promote a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Nourished’s website explains that you should eat one stack per day and there’s no need to consume them alongside a meal or water as your body will consume Nourished just like food.

While I usually had my Nourished in the morning after my workout, their website explains that their stacks can be taken at anytime throughout the day to fit in with your daily routine.

It’s worth noting that Nourished’s gummies are sugar-free despite the sugar-like coating which comes from the natural sweetener found in fruits. They’ve got a NON-GMO approach and their products are plant-based. Each Nourished stack is also contained in fully plastic-free packaging.

Price And Where To Buy

You can make a one-time purchase of a Nourished stack at a price of £39.99. That works out a cost of £1.43 per day.

However, you can save 30% if you sign up to their monthly subscription plan. It costs £35.99 per month, which works out at £1.29 a day and you’ll receive a box every four weeks.

Nourished describe their subscriptions as hassle-free and fully flexible, so you can amend your stack and switch nourishments as your lifestyle, needs and goals change.

Our Verdict

Nourished (Photo: The Sport Review)

Nourished (Photo: The Sport Review)

Before Nourished, I was accustomed to taking three to four pills a day as I attempted to ensure that I was consuming the vitamins necessary to promote a healthy life.

However, I’d often to forget to take one or more of the vitamins seeing as I’m usually in a rush in the morning and I don’t have the time to fuss around taking each vitamin out of the tub and then pouring a glass of water.

I loved that Nourished’s stacks were contained in a eco-friendly wrapper and I could take all seven Nourishments at once so it was super simple to add to my routine.

I opted for a sweet strawberry flavour which was nice. In the future, I’d like to try some other flavours to see how they compare. It certainly was a pleasant experience consuming the stack.

I trialled a month’s supply of Nourished at a particularly challenging time of the year. Alongside meditating and exercising, I felt my daily Nourished stack helped to support me through the testing period, and I liked the idea that my stack was helping to support recoveries from my workouts.

At a price of around £1.50 per day, Nourished costs less than a cup of coffee at your local coffee shop. So if you take your health seriously, it’s a price you can justify paying.

What Customers Have To Say About Nourished

At the time of writing, Nourished as a company had an average rating of 4.2 stars out of five on independent review website Trustpilot. Let’s take a look at some of the reviews.

Izzie gave a frank but overall positive review.

I was a bit sceptical about Nourished at first but I was also curious and wanted to know more, so when I saw an offer I signed up. I’ve been delighted with everything they’ve done and everything I’ve had from them. The great benefit of their supplements is that I actually take them – they make it very easy. Have they changed my life? Probably not. Do I feel miles better since starting them three months ago? Definitely.

Hannah gave a glowing five-star review.

These stacks are brilliant since I have been having the stacks I don’t feel like snacking in between meals,I have more energy and the taste fantastic I do like how you can change the coatings anytime. Also the customer service are brilliant they are very helpful, caring, kind, understanding and answer any enquiries and questions.

Anything Else To Consider?

As we mentioned earlier in the review, you can get Nourishment stacks for adults and children. So if you’ve got children in your home, you can get them a Nourishment stack to improve their energy levels, sleep or concentration levels.

While their top product is the personalized vitamin stacks, Nourished also offer multivitamins and protein bars, so you could add the latter to your diet to help with recovery after a workout or a quick snack when you’re at work.

Nourished – Our Final Thoughts

Nourished (Photo: The Sport Review)

Nourished (Photo: The Sport Review)

We’ve reached the end of our Nourished review. They’re an innovative company who are provide the opportunity to get a daily dose of vitamins and herbal extracts in a convenient stack.

By using their sign-up questionnaire, they’ll suggest seven tasty nourishments that are best suited to your goals and lifestyles.

Created using their clever 3D technology, Nourished wrap each stack in a plastic-free, compostable wrapper before shipping it to your doorstep.

These made fresh-to-order vitamins can be purchased as a one-off or through their monthly subscription service.

Having tried Nourishment for a full month and felt the range of benefits, you won’t go wrong if you’re looking for a convenient and healthy way to stick to a daily vitamin schedule.

While it is a premium price at £35.99 a month (or £39.99 one-off purchase), Nourished’s premium personalised nourishments are worth it in my opinion.

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